Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Writing dilemma

I posted some blogs in a hurry and now I am wondering what to write on. Yes, last two- three I am trying different topics but couldn't come up with anything nice to write on. I have about 10 incomplete drafts now including some things about my work. Now you ask me, why to worry about writing something nice, when you have already written so much of junk. Inspired by curious gawker and silverine, I also thought of writing something very good and funny, but needless to say I couldn't. I don't think I will be able to reach the level of imagination of curious gawker and viewing with comedy angle for day-to-day happenings like silverine. Nonetheless, I tried and almost wrote a good half page as a story and then couldn't think of any more.
I guess I should be happy writing some normal stuff like this, but couldn't help keeping my desire down for writing good blogs; especially when no one seems to read my blogs.
Some other options are like writing on social issues or writing fictional stories. Writing on social issues is not an easy taks, as it always some or the other way gets related to politicians and whenever it comes to politicians, I get psyched out and feel like using lots of bad words.
Writing consistent good blogs is huge challenge, of course at this time I think I should worry about wrting good blogs then I will worry about being consistent.

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