Monday, March 05, 2012

Many times I remain lost in my thoughts and sometimes when I am lost something enters into mind and remains there. Due to such habit one funny thing happened to me today. I was standing in line (oh yes! in my organization where every senior person talks of improving productivity, we have to spend minimum 20-45 minutes a day in lines)in office canteen for taking coupons for snacks. I wanted to have spring roll (today's special) and tea. While I was standing, the girl in front of me asked for  fruit juice and then changes it to fruit plate or some such thing but the word juice remained in my mind and when it was my turn to take coupons I inadvertently asked for spring roll and juice. Only after I got back much less money than I expected I realized what I have done. I laughed at myself and decided to continue with juice rather than getting it changed from the counter. We don't know where our mind keeps floating and sometimes we do things very unconsciously. Unfortunately, in today's world we spend our days in similar unconscious way calling it routine and only retrospectively realize that days, months, years have just passed, we have not been able to do many things that we wanted to do.