Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It is easy to get distracted from the goal you want to achieve when the way things are happening are not in your favour. I am always amazed at some people's capability to adjust to ever changing goals and be satisfied with it or perhaps be happy with it. One of my senior colleagues in office always keeps advising me that I should be flexible and always take direction that other people (Seniors in office, etc.) want me to take. As always, I just smiled knowing within my mind that I am going to be adamant in my position or at least I will try my best to be adamant. I have every right to be like that. If I have given my whole and soul to some work from last three years and people just want me to change its direction because of their lack of understanding and their incompetence, I am not going to do that. I don't care, how bad reputation I get because of that. My life and my career is mine, not others. Well, my senior colleague made a very interesting statement, that success is when everyone happy. I chuckled, on his statement, because I presume that everyone includes me also, so if something is going to make me unhappy, it can't be success, can it be?
Its good to be adjusting and you can probably be very successful, by adapting to the world around fast. However this success is only the success as the outside world sees it. If in the end, you think, that I wanted to do that in my career or it would have been wonderful and immensely satisfying if I would have finished the problem the way I wanted to then that adaption hasn't brought any success to you. If one keeps just adjusting to the world around, he can never become what he wants to become, he always be someone what others want him to be, or what thousands of others already are. I have firm belief that happiness and satisfaction comes within you and not by what people consider what you are. It all might sound selfish, but it is not. It perhaps sounds so, because all the above discussion is about career, which is only one dimension of the life, if you start thinking about other dimensions, you automatically will go much beyond self.When you start thinking about your interactions with people, you know you gain more by giving than receiving. Even with respect to career, everyone must contribute to the goodness of the world, but in his/her own way. We all like doing something, we all have something that gives us immense satisfaction, that brings out all our intensity. If whatever we do, we do listening to our hearts that chasing the illusory goals set by the society and people around you, I believe we will always end up making positive contribution to ourselves and to the world.
Hmm... I didn't know, I can write such crazy stuff also.