Saturday, May 05, 2012

It is strange how we sometimes even get used to things that we particularly don't like doing. I changed the kind of work I do about more than a year back, initially because this new work had some elements that I like doing. But unfortunately, over time those elements were declared out of scope and I left with work that I don't particularly enjoy. Then, last 5-6 months went extremely busy with this work. Lot of meetings, interactions with people, rush-work and so on. And, suddenly things changed about a month ago and those meetings, interactions, rush-wrok stopped. Now, although I don't really liked being so busy at all, I feel as if something wrong. I don't feel right that nobody is sending me mails saying can you get this done by EOD or meetings and so on. I no longer have this report and that presentation to prepare. I can really only laugh at myself, how I always hated being busy and now I feel someting missing since I am not so busy.
Hopefully, these changes will lead me back to the kind of work I love doing. Well, I do have lot of work to do which I consider as my personal committment and things that I want to do rather than somebody asking me to do. Lets see when I actually start doing those things.