Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tips to complicate your life

Be honest and sincere
It is amazing how far these two simple desirable characteristics of a human being can take you towards complicating your life. Every time, you come across something to do, if you do it sincerely you make your life miserable by compromising on other things (for example if you are talking about office work, compromising on family and social life, etc. and vice versa) and if you give an honest reason you are in trouble. My experience of lie especially as I have grown older is that honest reasons always get you in trouble. In corporate world, you can be considered a unprofessional or a person who is very bad at team work or worse if your boss might hate you for your honesty, especially honest opinions. In today's world, dishonesty and insincerity is perhaps the most effective ways of spending life without much work. Of course, this only at the deep level, the key is to show that you are honest and sincere when you are not. That's where the smartness comes in and that's why you see so many top people in the companies who seem to be damn smart but somehow don't do any useful work.

Have multiple useful interests
If you look around, the successful people are normally those who have one great passion in which they totally lost themselves ignoring all other things or the people who are naturally gifted with multiple talents. If you want to complicate your life and perhaps if you are not one of those naturally gifted people whose enormous talent allows them to do multiple things in the same time as we do one thing, you must pursue multiple interests. The interests can be as simple as learning a musical instrument, or reading books or traveling or writing or complex things like organizing charity, working with NGOs. Nothing gets you more tensed than knowing that you want to do so many things but you simply don't have time and energy. Nothing frustrates one more than the fact that doing one of the things that you enjoy doing robs you off the other things you equally enjoy doing.

Follow yourself rather than going along with the wave
Ha, this is perhaps the best one. This creates all types of possible complications in your life. Many people will consider you a fool; hardly anybody will understand why you are doing what you are doing, you won't fit into their simple logic; you will have to answer all kinds of silly questions that people will ask, and you will feel lost half of the time wondering what the heck is happening. And the biggest of all, even of you are happy with what you are doing you might be considered an unsuccessful person even by the people closest to you and that can create havoc in your life.

Always aim higher
As much as it might be step towards success, it can make you do more than what you can. It will also make you put lot of efforts in one area of life compromising on other. Unless you are the lucky one aiming higher on one area somehow coincides with ignoring some other area of life and then that area will keep troubling you. If you are successful in the area in which you aimed high, you are in the trap of success and you don't have the courage to step back and let it go. And on the other hand if you are not successful, you have to put too much effort to come back now and you perhaps don't want to give up remembering the quote "most people give up when they are just about to succeed", you are saying to yourself "Mera number jarur ayega".

well, same tips can be considered useful for having good life. Hmm... is good life equal to complicated life?????