Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who is the real culprit?

Just few days ago, in the Lakme Fashion week, two incidents of 'Wardrobe Malfunction' happened and there were two news channels showing these incidents again and again and also newspapers carried these stories and debated them in detail. Now, I feel there is something wrong here; at one end we are outraged about distribution of clips through mobile and at other end these two incidents at the fashion week openly shown and publicized by media. I agree, that news channels blurred the sensitive parts or shown black stripe, but does that make it less painful for the two models or is it something diferent than distribution?
How does this act of media different from some person distributing some private photos or clips? Don't mistake me, I am not saying that it is ethical to distribute, my point is just that shouldn't we be more responsible towards media or media should be more responsible? Just because nobody could do anything to media people, do they have rights to do anything they want? Is this the way we want to shape our media?
There is something horribly going wrong with we the humans. The people distributing private photos/clips or news channels publicizing such things more than the real social issues, these are just the symptoms, the real problem is something else; it lies between the way we are, the way the global culture is developing. We are very good at blaming others, we all will conviniently blame technology or older genrations will blame young generations and so on... but we all have to change ourselves
Note: It does not mean, that the guilty should not be punished, they must be.

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