Friday, February 24, 2012

Nowadays the world expects everyone to be an all-rounder. We have seen kids suffering due to their parents' insistence of being all rounder but even adults are not immune from these expectations. It is not just corporate world but even in social situations or in many kinds of relationships you are expected to be an all-rounder. You have to be the one who does all the work, also be funny, interact nicely with people, so on and so forth. While some of us are gifted with such all-round abilities, most of us are not and trying to align with these expectation of all round abilities we make our lives miserable. Sometimes you are an allrounder but not the kind that people around you want you to be. Most of us are fishes participating in swimming, tree climbing, running on ground, etc. all kinds of races. And we keep feeling guilty for not doing well in all races except swimming. Not many people even realize that they are participating in all kinds of races but they are lucky. Ignorance is bliss. The people who suffer are the one who realize that they are participating in so many races but cannot accept they are just fish and should not even participate in other races. Everyone has different priorities in life and one should at least remain true to their priorities in life. Priorities might change but that is fine as long as you are aware of it. I think every year people should be given compulsory holiday for 10-15 days without access to entertainment (chiefly the idiot box, movies, video games) and communication devices to force them to think what they are doing life and reflect are they really doing what they want to do. Most of us don't know what we want to do but again that is fine as long as you are aware that you don't know and you are prepared to do something about it when you realize what it is or experiment to find out what it is.