Monday, December 31, 2012

Today is last day and now last few hours of this year. Along with this year, I hope many things end and new good things start with the new year from me. Only few days back, I realized that by now I should have finished my doctorate but instead I am as away from it as I was five-six years back. With the changes that I had to make in my work, I have gone away from mastery I should have achieved and recognized for in my research area. With the new year, I am hoping I will be once again back to my area of interest and do the meaningful work that I want to do. Over last two years, although I have strayed away from my area of interest it was not all waste; at least the first 14-15 months were not. I am more like a person who has lost his memory, I hope something brings it back and I can start with the new vigor.

A very happy new year to all!!!

and A very happy new year to myself!!! Let it be the year where I can start taking decisions and taking back the control of my life.