Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I don’t normally preach anything to anyone or give advice. However, some time back I gave some ‘gyan’ to one of my colleagues and she actually follows some of it (well, at least she says so). Now, I know you are wondering that how the heck somebody can listen to me, but let’s assume it to be true. Well, the point is when you preach others you realize how hopelessly you struggle to follow it yourself.
Another thing is when you try to preach suddenly you realize that what you just preached is rewording of some saying you learnt somewhere in third or four standards. It just struck me how those ‘sayings’ I learnt out of fascination (some of them are extremely funny) hold so true in the real life. It is just amazing how the simple things conveyed through these saying can make our life much easier if we are able to follow them. Hmm… that’s the catch, ‘if’, when will this ‘if’ go out of everything?

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