Thursday, March 06, 2008

Paper writing

With my awesome power of writing disability which is quite evident in this blog, I had been trying to write three technical papers from last three weeks. Now, you say writing technical papers is whole different ball game. Well, yes, but for me there lies the problem, as one of my former bosses said (I had too many, ok 5 in 4 years is not so bad) I write papers like I talk. So, yes writing technical papers is different, it is written in English but its not English. Something stupid like that. You have all kinds of crazy rules for how the language of paper writing should be. The language is definitely not human. I suspect some alien wrote the first scientific paper and laid the rules for writing papers thereafter.
As if the language itself is not big enough problem, there is another problem with research papers, that is of new ideas. According to editors of most journal and conference proceeding and rules for papers, the ideas of papers have to be new but they should be based on some previous writing. Now, that's quite decipherable for my small brain, it should be new but it should be referring to numerous old things, more the better. Hmm... Also talking at abstract level is cardinal sin on paper writing. Only some 50-60 year olds who can not think of anything new can write and speak such things. Youngsters like me are strictly disallowed from braking the mold or thinking at different levels. God save the scientific world.
chalo, have to get back to paper writing, have to go through loads of papers so that I can give reference to some maniac professor's casual statements in his paper. After all, I have to prove that my new ideas refer to lots of old ideas :(

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