Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fighting negativity

Though there have been some moments of happiness, I am in negative frame of mind. The negativity is going on increasing day be day. I am not anywhere close to be able to remove it successfully from my mind but I have learnt a lot of things about fighting it. What I am writing here will probably be most helpful for people who are alone or loners like me. First, and probably the most important thing one should know is that forcing yourself to have positive thoughts does not work. After your surge of positive thoughts is over you feel even more miserable than you were before. What works is being around happy people, or talking with others especially friends so that some topic that triggers happy memories or usual friend jokes leading into laughter. What needed is trigger for some happy thoughts and laughter and not forceful positive thoughts. However if you are depressed or sucked into negativity/pessimism there is high chance that either you are alone or people around you themselves are complaining types or somehow you can't connect with them (you hardly know them or very different nature, whatever may be the reason). In short you are in situation like I am from most of the last two years, it is very difficult to find such triggers. In such cases you might to use some techniques which can't cure you but can relax you for some time. Taking number of deep breaths, listening to your favorite music, Reading your favorite books; such things do work. I am not sure about the movies, there are hardly any movies which doesn't have violence or some sad or stupid annoying thing in that. For me what works best is taking deep breath and walking alone. Walking has always been a great relaxer for me. Sometimes, I can't even enjoy music, or read books but walking always works. If you are frustrated then another very effective way to relax is to write. yes, just write whatever you are thinking, whatever negative thoughts you have and you will be surprise how relaxed you feel and suddenly there is no rush of those stupid negative thoughts but you are manging to be calm. The last but not the least thing is eat good healthy food. This is very very essential. If you are alone in some foreign city, it might not be so easy for you to do this, but try as much as you can.
Although I am still struggling with my won negative thoughts and can't get out of them, if I haven't had done all the things above I probably would have gone insane.


Anonymous said...

WOW - I felt like it was me writing.

You managed to somehow suck me


Well done

Luis said...

Hello! I have been also living in the same situation for at least 2 years. I agree about how we chose our surroudings, especialy positive and understanding human company, and i might add that going out to the beach, also helps a lot, because we expose ourselves to all the Elements, cleaning all negativity in and arround us. There is also an important issue very hard to deal with; Karma. I know exactly the point where i became depressed. Do you remember what led you into that situation? Maybe we have to work things out making a change within, with all the help we can get... From a friend, from Portugal

nikone said...

Thanks Luis. Yes, beach also might help, unfortunately although I spent 22 years of my life in a cosastel city, from last 6 years, staying in the middle of the country. Yes, I know all the reasons, some constraints are there which binding me to the place and environment repsonsible for the negative thoughts.