Thursday, May 04, 2006

Winds of change...

Yesterday night as always as I was doing some timepass on my PC, I heard quite a sound of trees. As I went outside I saw a superb forceful wind blowing outside. I enjoy strong winds.(probably I never have experienced real storms or hurricanes or other destructive winds like that) I don't know there are some natural things I enjoy a lot. Despite I being Mumbaite and seen such showers some thousand times, watching heavy showers is also one of those things I like a lot.
I just stopped whatever I was doing and sat for around 45 minutes in the gallery enjoying the wind. Suddenly, a flurry of thoughts started coming to my mind, how nice would it be if these winds could also bring about winds of change in my life.
How wonderful it would be if one day some wind comes up and blows away all the trouble in life, alas! Fortunately or unfortunately such things never happen in life.

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