Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Difficult Times...

Most difficult times in the life seem to be the one when suddenly everything seems to be going exactly the opposite way you want it to, you just start wondering, what next? The next is normally something really good or something extremely bad which completely shakes up all your beliefs and confidence. Most amazing thing about all this is when you know something very important for you is going the wrong way suddenly you notice that even the smallest the incidents are going the wrong way.The reason why I say something good might come out is because the people who have tough character normally like such challenges and then they start working towards something better, and for normal people only when things start going the wrong way they realize that they are in a fool's paradise and they have to work hard to get something better. Well, can they do better? who knows? Difficult times only bring out the real personality out of the people. Very few people have the gift of being able to handle such situations very calmly, most either panic or give up. Of course, one always should keep his/her hopes alive but the problem is that just keeping hopes alive doesn't work, one also has to keep working towards bringing the hope into reality.Then there is another situation, where things move so fast that you don't understand what exactly is happening around you, is it good or is it bad. You just get driven by the pace with which things are happening, just going with the flow, and when you stop, you realize what grave mistake you did. So, what do you do at such times? How do you take time out for yourself so that you can judge the situation and find out whether what you are doing is good or bad for you?Hmm.... here is another abruptly ending blog, really if any blog deserves name 'random thoughts' it has to be this.

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