Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last two-three weeks, I have been putting lot of hard work to do certain things, that I am not sure whether I should be doing, and do not have enough clarity about them. Then, today I came across this quote.
"Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim" - George Santanaya.
I wonder if it applies to me in my current situation. To some extent, it definitely seems so. I mean whatever I am doing definitely contributes to some shallow aim, which in conventional world are very important ones, but does it really contribute to what I want to do from my heart? I don't know, my senses are dead. After visiting my parents on the weekend, my mom mentioned that my approach to working was so much unlike me, not giving enough time to myself to recover or refresh my brain.

The funny thing is I still don't know what to do, whether to keep playing the game which I will lose with 90% probability (assuming this is perhaps the final hurdle and if I cross it I will win the game) or to start a new game?


Anand said...

Why always think about losing or whether somebody will accept your ideas? Do you think that you will be given a chance to explain? No way, so why bother about what other think, its immaterial.

Your decision to do things differently itself is a success of your professional life. At the end of the day what matters most is whether you are satisfied in solving a problem and not whether you satisfy others urges in solving it. So cheer up. Relax, take today off and lets beat up somebody :-).

Happy new year. May god be with you, live long and prosper :-) May the year ahead give you more confusion so that you will get even more clarity.

All the best for a bright future....

nikone said...

He he, thanks buddy. Also wish you both a very happy , healthy, and prosperous new year.
Game was just a metaphor for the entire situations and new game was more about changing the way I deal with things. Anyways, I have already taken a day off yesterday :) (did not do nay work) and today also off only.