Monday, September 21, 2009

I was one of those lucky students in the childhood whose school was just five minutes walk from the house. I went today to a xerox shop in front of my school for copying some documents and after a long long long time, I was looking at my school with lot of time in my hand. After leaving the school, I must have passed my school thousand times, but somehow I don't think I waited and looked at it for some time. It almost the same as it was when I was studying there; at least from the outside. Except on the front sign showing my school's name, there is this funny text added that says, "ISO 9001-2000 certified"; couldn't help a chuckle. My beloved school has also fallen victim to trend of getting into standards unnecessarily. Well, let it be that is the most unimportant part. The building was never the part I was very attached to, although I do remember those classrooms and corridors. Whenever the school comes into my mind, I remember two things; one, my wonderful teachers and second, those carefree days. I wish I can be so carefree today. Adult life somehow doesn't make sense at all. Few months ago, I had this great urge to visit the school and meet my teachers, incidentally one of my classmates and long times friends happened to visit the school that time and informed me that hardly any teachers from our times are left in the school. Although that was expected ( I myself is 29 now), I felt sad and dropped the plan to visit the school. Many time when I am here and roaming around my place I will come across some of my teachers (especially my favorite ones like Chandane bai, Pawar bai, Afle bai,), but that hasn't happened. My school wasn't one of those hi-fi schools. It was simple school with limited facilities, but it was my world in my childhood and along with my home, that is the place which shaped the most important part of me.
Well, I just thank all my wonderful teachers. Wish they are having a great life and thank them again on behalf of all their students whose paths have been brightened by them.

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Anand said...

Well, I also felt the same this time round. I am fortunate though, some of my teachers are still there. I will be meeting them before I leave this city. I would suggest that trace your teachers and have a nice chat with them. They simply love it.