Monday, January 14, 2008

How intelligent are our intellectuals

Did you ever notice that all the so called intelligent people around never try to understand anything, why is something the way it is? They always look things from angle and then criticize. Often the lens they use to evaluate are not the purpose at for which the thing has been made.
From last five years, I have been around some extremely intelligent people, including IIT professors, IIT students, very senior corporate people (corporate biggies are not necessarily known to be intelligent, but I had been working in R&D group where 80% people are extremely intelligent).
I think the worst of these kinds are the corporate managers, who just pick-up some latest technique from the theory/IT Package/methodology/management philosophy and try to implement without understanding what the heck it is meant for and when they fail they blame the technique/methodology/management philosophy. When I was doing my masters in Industrial Engineering and Management, I used to think why the hell all these very good techniques and methods in Industrial Engineering are known as management fads in corporates. But, when I joined a company (unfortunately I still work in that company :( ) within few months I realized why all these become management fads and failures. Because no managers basically tries to understand what exactly it is meant for, in what context it can be applied and in what context it cannot be.


Solitaire said...

Its called "thinking outside the box".

nikone said...

Their very problem is they can't come out of their mindset or the approach within their discipline.