Friday, December 21, 2007

I am irritated

Well, I am irritated too many times, but today is something special.

I don’t want to be an academic researcher, that’s for sure. I don’t want to spend my life working on minuscule problems, writing papers on those problems which nobody bothers to read with some obscure mathematics, which nobody understands or at least the people who are supposed to use my ideas don’t understand. I don’t care if my ideas can not be expressed with some formal notations, hell with the notations if they are inadequate to express my ideas. What is more important is that the idea makes sense to the people in Industries or society (whoever are intended users of ideas), then it will get used. I want my ideas to be used, I don’t care of some stupid academic community. I don’t want to write papers with flowery language, politically correct statements, obscure mathematics and spend years on gathering data on pointless detailed experiments to prove myself to the academic community. I don’t want to make any contribution to these buggers, who stay away from actual work, except from doing some experiments in between to prove their work; I want to make contribution to people actually work. Fog god’s sake, I am doing research on business and management area, not fundamental science. My research is directly supposed to make difference, either minor or profound way, not like fundamental science where effect is more often indirect.

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