Sunday, August 05, 2007

What do I hate about my job?

  • Very Low salary, internally as well as compared to other companies
  • Responsibility without authority. Only thing I have some control on is content of my research work that too because I am stubborn and arrogant, well! My bosses do understand that I need some freedom to do research.
  • My position is one of the biggest hurdles for me to do my work effectively. No one listens to me. Or of they are listening, they stop moment they know, I am just an ASE.
  • Lack of understanding and support from seniors for difficulties other than work in the job
  • Total darkness about how I am going to take forward what I am doing and my career
    • Feeling of stranded in the middle of the ocean on support of a single wooden log and absolutely no idea of which way to go.
    • There are no roads to travel; I have to build my own roads while traveling towards destination.
  • Amazing amount of hypocrisy; lack of ethics, morals, and professionalism in the company and the industry in which I work.

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