Monday, June 19, 2006

Me and Philisophy???????

Yesterday in a conversation one my friend commented to me, “Nik, you are in danger of becoming philosopher.” Well I just smiled but in my mind I started thinking, “Holy Shit!, is that true?” Well I know that’s happening to me but is the influence getting so strong. Despite all the things in my life are not going well, I am trying to be cool and calm. Probably because over the last few years I have become optimistic (and also lost the ability to understand seriousness of few things) or is it that become philosophical. My optimism is actually has come from some good things that happened when I was in bad situation so somehow I believe that no matter how bad situation gets something good will come out of it. However I seem to have conveniently forgotten that when good things happened I was actually in total down in the dumps, I had lost all the hope that I could do something good. Rather than forgotten, the very hope that something good will happen is not letting me go in down in the dumps. Now, I don’t know whether that is good or bad. Now, if you are wondering where philosophy is coming here, I guess apart from optimism the other thing that is keeping me cool and calm is my moot acceptance that things will go only the way they are supposed to, I can not fight all the things and I should be happy with what I get and try to enjoy that. Looks like, I am taking all the wrong things from philosophy. I don’t know from when I am started accepting such things, that urge to change the things by my own is vanishing and I have to act, act fast.
I was kind of conscious about my patience moving towards danger zone, but my friend’s comment has made it explicit. Probably, as first measure as my friend does I must remember each time I read a book by some great personality or ‘systems thinking’ book or any other book which contains influential philosophical thoughts, that I am reading it for pure pleasure and not be very serious about it.

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