Thursday, February 23, 2006


I don't know, what worries me more at the moment, Islamist fundamentalism reaching to new heights with an actress's dog name is made an issue OR India's talks with US OR numerous social issues here OR that I have to work more. Well, I guess wise people would have already recognised that I am more worried about my work. I am already working more than I usually do, I still have to work more....
Fortunately have some training tommorrow, so I can officially bunk my work. Corporate trainigs are opportunities where professionals pretend to learn; ask qustions more relating to their experience than the training and then go back to work and repeat the same mistakes.
Ofcourse, you can't blame the professional really. You ask me why? If it is a management type workshop it will claim to be the best way to solve the problems, and since all the participants gone through various trainings of best ways, they get confused that which methodology is really the best, so they don't apply any one of them. Well, come on they have to take some trainings, otherwise how will they complete their targets for the appraisals.
Time to go and complete my targets....

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